Insurance Claims

Insurance Industry knowledge, claims expertise and advanced technology allow us to provide integrated claims processing solutions that meet your strategic objectives with the providers you choose to do business with. The most efficient and effective ways of managing desired outcomes is by offering each one of our clients a unique hybrid claims processing solution that optimizes your process every step of the way, through the lifecycle of a claim.

Collision Repair

Complying with the agreed upon Direct Repair Program (DRP) administrative and repair procedures with your insurance partners is often times daunting and places significant burden on your employees. It is also increasingly important for Repair shops to be aware of the OEM repair procedures before repairs begin. Integrated workflow applications that facilitate electronic vehicle check-in, estimate audit, proactively identifying needed OEM repair information, managing the quality of the repair and re-inspection are some tools our company enables for our repair shop customers.

Data Analytics

The most advanced, real time data mining and reporting capability available today for the collision repair and insurance industries. Our data repositories aggregate, compile and include data from repair estimates, CSI, cycle time, OEM repair information, parts, rental car, repair quality, salvage and total loss vehicle settlement values. Also, a technically superior report writer allows clients to create unique reporting templates. Users are able to interact with the data by filtering, regrouping and realigning on-the-fly and storing the layout as a template for future use.