Software for Insurance Carriers

Flexible software solutions to streamline your claims processing model

Our suite of software solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your claims processing model which provides consistent and efficient information and data exchange between your staff, trading partners and customers. 

Enterprise Workflow

The Enterprise Workflow suite of products connects our customers with their trading partners.  Enterprise Workflow supports multiple workflow configurations to meet the needs of our customers.

Estimate Appointment Scheduling

A web based estimate appointment solution that is applicable for internal, remote drive in or trading partner scheduling. The scheduler also supports virtual catastrophe centers to be utilized with a client’s trading partners when appropriate, allowing all parties to be interactive and synchronized with the application.

Intelligent Assignment Dispatching

Supports creating/importing, sending and receiving any claims assignment information between a client, its staff, trading partners and out of network service providers involved in the life cycle of an auto or property claim. Incorporating “Push” technology, the dispatch module only requires Internet access without any proprietary software.

Policy, Procedural and Regulatory Compliance

Our business process compliance manages insurance company policy, procedural and regulatory requirements through the lifecycle of a claim. It uniformly reviews every detail of a vehicle estimate, regardless of estimating system. The rules engine also has the capability of stacking multiple rule sets to ensure adherence to internal as well as external policies and procedures at all organizational levels within an insurance company.

Customer Shop of Choice

Up until recently, insurers, independent adjusters and third party administrators’ have relied on fax, email and telephone to share claims and repair information with repair shops that are not part of an approved network. However, with the CSOC application, clients and trading partners can now communicate electronically in the same manner as those who are part of a DRP network. The CSOC allows insurers to easily communicate electronically with any and all collision repair facilities, even those outside of their approved Direct Repair networks without deploying any proprietary e-commerce software.

The Customer Shop of Choice connects insurance carriers with a network of over 38,000 repair shops (private passenger, RV, motorcycle and heavy equipment) in the United States that are not a part of their Direct Repair Program.  The Customer Shop of Choice gives our customers the ability to electronically receive repair information providing a seamless customer experience for vehicle owners who choose not to use a Direct Repair Shop.

Total Loss Workbook

Insurance companies, when dealing with the total loss of a first or third party vehicle, are faced not only with determining the actual cash value of the vehicle, but also correctly calculating applicable taxes and fees that may be required by individual state DOI regulations and DMV requirements. The calculation is often times cumbersome because of the variation among state statutes and the cloudy language in many state regulations, especially as it relates to disposition of the vehicle salvage. This process is also time consuming and difficult to consistently manage on a large scale. The goal of Total Loss Workbook is to provide an automated mechanism for insurance company adjusters to consistently and uniformly calculate the taxes and fees for each state, taking into consideration an insurance company’s settlement policies.

DeskREV ® Auto

DeskREV ® Auto is a software tool designed for insurance professionals and auto collision specialists who need to review and approve the repair of damaged vehicles. Whether working as an independent reviewer or as part of a larger team, DeskREV ® simplifies and speeds the process of review, mark-up, negotiation, and documentation.


DeskREV ® Auto was designed from the ground-up to support the import of collision repair estimates from multiple formats. Whether you have a PDF, a scanned document, or export files ... you can perform a review with DeskREV ® Auto. Part searches can be performed and merged automatically utilizing some of the leading part search engines.

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Geo Labor Rate and Tax Guide

This mobile and desktop software application provides insurance company personnel access to prevailing labor rate

and tax information in a local market area when writing or reviewing auto collision estimates.  Additionally,

the software also supports the California Department of Insurance survey methodology for determining fair labor rates

based on geo-positioning and survey results (section 2695.81 of the Fair Claims Settlement Practices Regulations).


Labor taxes and part taxes are updated daily for state, county, municipal and specialized taxes. The software uses

geo-positioning technology to provide tax information for an exact geographic location.  This is important for

insurance companies because different labor tax rates can apply to improvement or repair of tangible property in

certain tax jurisdictions.

Collision Data Exchange ®

There are many software packages used in the lifecycle of a typical collision repair.  Each of these software packages capture and process data, and even though there are industry standards (e.g. CIECA) to uniformly categorize data, each software package has latitude in how the standards are implemented.  Our Collision Data Exchange ® software has the ability to normalize the data from disparate systems (including EMS, BMS, and PDFs) into a consistent format.

Performance Analytics

The most advanced, real time data mining and reporting capability available today for the collision repair and insurance industries. Our data repositories aggregate, compile and include data from repair estimates, CSI, cycle time, OEM repair information, parts, rental car, repair quality, salvage and total loss vehicle settlement values. Also, a technically superior report writer allows clients to create unique reporting templates. Users are able to interact with the data by filtering, regrouping and realigning on-the-fly and storing the layout as a template for future use.

Workflow Consulting

With decades of experience and a variety of customers and markets we service, we are well suited to create a software solution that meets your needs and expectations.

We will work you to optimize a workflow that fits the needs of your business.